A:  Prime Saturday: August 25, 2018. Check-In: 7:30 a.m. Competition begins at 9:00 a.m. 
      Elite Sunday: August 26, 2018. Check-In: 7:30 a.m. Competition begins at 9:00 a.m. 
      Awards will be presented immediately following the competition each day. 

> Competition is open to dancers from any Pupu Ori, Halau, studio, organization, or dance company. 
> There are 3 Categories of Competition: Prime, Elite & Independent. 
> There are 8 Age Categories in both Vahine and Tane – see the breakdown below. 


Ori Vahine – Tamahine (girls) 5-8  yrs old    Ori Vahine – intermediate 9-12 yrs  old 
Ori Vahine – Lower Junior 13-15  yrs old      Ori Vahine – Upper Junior 16-18 yrs old 
Ori Vahine – Lower Senior 19- 24  yrs old    Ori Vahine – Upper Senior 25–34 yrs old 
Ori Vahine – Masters 35–49 yrs old              Ori Vahine – Golden Masters 50+ yrs old 

Ori Tane – Tamaroa (boys) 5-8 yrs old    Ori Tane –  Intermediate 9-12 yrs old 
Ori Tane – Lower Junior 13-15 yrs old     Ori Tane – Upper Junior 16-18 yrs old 
Ori Tane – Lower Senior 19-24 yrs old    Ori Tane – Upper Senior 25–34 yrs old 
Ori Tane – Master 35-49 yrs old               Ori Tane – Golden Master 50+ yrs old 

Minimum 1.5 minutes / Maximum 2 minutes 

1.  House Drummers will provide all drumming for the competition. All dancing will be impromptu, small groups at a time. 
2.  Vahine Dancers must perform in a pareo and a top or bra that covers their breasts. Only solid colored pareo's are permitted.  The pareo must be  flat – no rolling of the pareo is allowed. Length of the pareo should not be below the knees.  However, it is important to note that Judges dislike very short pareos and thong underwear.
3.  Tane Dancers must perform in te here or Tahitian malo. 
4.  Head heis / headpieces are optional. The use of fresh or dried foliage or feathers are acceptable. 
5.  Not permitted: Hip heis, i’is or hand-held objects. 
6.  The Winners are those who receive the three top highest scores in each division. 
7. Overall Winners are the Tane & Vahine with the highest scores in Age Categories 16-34.



A competition is when one contestant/competitor competes against another.  There must be more than one competitor in a category in order to compete.  In the event there is only one competitor registered in a category, the winning prize for that category will not be awarded. Instead, the competitor will be recognized and given a Participatory Award.  The competitor must perform his/her routine in order to receive said Award.  However, the single competitor may opt out of the competition at his/her discretion, and the registration fee will be fully refunded.  The purchase of a hotel room, airfare, car rental, gas, food and any other expense incurred in order to attend the Weekend in Polynesia and the ITO Competition is at the sole discretion of the competitor and/or his/her parents/guardians, are non-refundable by PTAA.  PTAA takes no responsibility for unforeseen monetary losses due to non-competition in a category as stated above, as the confirmed amount of competitors can only be determined on the day of competition after all competitor registrations are complete.

It is important to remember that although I.T.O. is a competition, it is imperative that competitors and their supporters treat each other, as well as the PTAA members, volunteers, vendors and patrons with the utmost Respect and Aloha on and off the stage.  Disrespectful behavior, i.e. booing contestants, arguing with staff, judges, other contestants, drunkeness, appearance to be under the influence of any drug or alcohol, foul language, foul hand or finger gestures,  disruptive attitudes, and any other undesirable behavior as determined by the PTAA will be cause for disqualification and removal from the premises by security and/or law enforcement.

Thank you in advance for your utmost cooperation & aloha.  We look forward to a Great Weekend in Polynesia with you! 

The above Criteria, Rules & Regulations are subject to change without notice. 
PTAA reserves its right to amend said Criteria, Rules & Regulations at their discretion.