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A: Solo eliminations will be at LONG BEACH RECREATION PARK at 4900 E 7th Street in Long Beach, CA.

A: On Saturday morning, September 10, 2015. Soloist check in will be 7:00 am and competition will begin at 9 am. Solo Dance Finals will be held on Sunday, September 11 , 2016 at LONG BEACH RECREATION PARK at 4900 E 7th Street in Long Beach, CA. Hours will be from 10:00 to 1:00 p.m. Solo Awards will be presented immediately following the competition that Sunday Afternoon.

Competition is open to dancers from any halau, studio, organization, or dance company. Independent soloists may also participate.

Solo Categories and Divisions are as follows:


Ori Vahine –Tamahine (girls) 5-8 yrs old  ~  Ori Vahine – intermediate 9-12 yrs old

Ori Vahine –Lower Junior 13-15 yrs old ~ Ori Vahine – Upper Junior 16-18 yrs old

Ori Vahine – Lower Senior 19- 24 yrs old ~ Ori Vahine – Upper Senior 25 – 34 yrs old

Ori Vahine – Masters 35 – 49 yrs old ~ Ori Vahine – Golden Masters 50 yrs old +


‘Ori Tane –Tamaroa (boys) 5-8 yrs old ~ ‘Ori Tane – Intermediate 9-12 yrs old

‘Ori Tane –Lower Junior 13-15 yrs old ~ ‘Ori Tane – Upper Junior 16-18 yrs old

‘Ori Tane – Lower Senior 19-24 yrs old ~ ‘Ori Tane – Upper Senior 25 – 34 yrs old

Ori Tane Master 35 -49 yrs old ~ Ori Tane Master 50 yrs old +


Minimum 1.5 minutes  Maximum 2 minutes Ori Solo Finals*

*TIME LIMITS for Solo Finals – maximum of 2 minutes. All Drumming for elimination and finals done by our house drummers. *Soloists must end on time or points will be deducted


1. Contestants will be given their solo numbers on Saturday morning, September 10 th at 7:30 am. All contestants will be given their numbers, allowed access to back stage line up with a special wristband for Saturday Tahitian Ito competition. To avoid long lines, we encourage directors or kumus to pick up their halau numbers all together & distribute them to their soloists. Kumu packets will be available for pick up early Saturday morning.

2. House drummers will provide all drumming for eliminations and finals. All dancing will be impromptu, small groups at a time.

3. Ori Tahiti Elimination participant must wear a pareo. Flat no rolling of the pareo is allowed. Headpieces fresh flowers of feathers.

4. Finalists will compete at Regional Park the following day. You must bring your Solo Number & ID.

5. For finals, vahine dancers must perform in pareo. Length of the pareo should not be below the knees, however, it is important to note that judges dislike very short pareos. Head heis are optional, no hip heis, i’is or hand-held objects will be permitted. During finals, two dancers will perform at a time. For finals, tane dancers must perform in te here or Tahitian malo. Head heis are optional, no hip heis, i’is or hand-held objects will be permitted. During finals, three dancers will perform at a time.

6. The winners of the finals are those who receive the three top highest scores in each division.

7. Overall Tane and Vahine Winners will each receive custom made ITO trophy, a monetary prize to be determined plus other prizes.

8. No solo limits from any group.

9. Independent dancers may also enter the solo competition.

10. Solo Eliminations will be held at Regional Park in Long Beach, CA on the morning of Saturday, September 10, 2016.

11. Solo Dance Finals will take place on Sunday September 11, 2016. Dance Awards will be given immediately following the finals on Sunday the 11th.



Costumes should compliment and be appropriate for the dance. Natural products such as shells, fresh flowers, seeds, tapa, tassels, ferns, and other leaves, are acceptable for hei upo‘o (head heis) during the Solo Eliminations only. During the Finals, pareos must be tied flat

AWARDS • SOLO AWARDS: ‘Ori Vahine and ‘Solo Tane (all age groups) – 1st,2nd,3rd Place Award • Overall Winning Tane (male) & Vahine (female) will win special gifts and a monetary gift.

SOLOIST SCORING 100 points is the maximum score possible in the solo division. Winners will be the top three (3) with the highest scores in their category and/or division. The following information is intended to clarify and give some examples as to the criteria that judges will use in evaluating your performance. Judges will look for … Technical areas: Variety and difficulty of dance steps, confidence, endurance and knowledge of traditional steps. Try to perform at least 5 traditional steps. Artistic areas: Gestures, grace and elegance, creativity, facial and body expression, ease and comfort with the dance. Dancers must be able to follow the drum beats as the dance is totally impromptu. Costume: appropriate costume, beauty, creativity, accessories, etc.